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"Yahoo! Answers" is Yahoo! Inc.'s solution to the average person's unformatted search engine questions. It allows Yahoo! E-Mail holders to ask any number of pointed questions, such as, "What is wrong with my vagina?" or "How can we stop Jaden Smith?" as well as, "Who is the President of France?" and, "No seriously, wtf is wrong with my vagina?"

Users can then receive answers from Yahoo! E-Mail "point seekers" - a special brand of people who try to answer as many questions as possible, then voting their own questions as the "Best Answer" in order to gain a delusive sense of Yahoo! internetz seniority. Because of an unparalleled level of quality control in the review of questions, users can generally expect their questions to be answered incorrectly or - with luck - answered unintelligibly.
"Yahoo! Answers" Question: What steps can I take to fix my own cell phone?

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters: Why bother? Throw that sh*t out and get a new one! Problem solved, bitch. Next question!
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by MagicalWhiffle July 01, 2011

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1. A condition which afflicts some Urban Dictionary entries; an 'up' option may appear, but there may not be anywhere to click to show one's detest of the entry. Usually a problem with one's browser or internet settings

2. Something so goddamned awesome that it can't receive a thumbs down rating. Not even thumbs down trolls can touch it.

3. See 2., except it's not really awesome, someone has just been flooding the thumbs up section to hyper-inflate the quality of the item, or the webpage is so subjective to a certain class of viewers that it has no on-site relativity
1. "This definition is shit, where the hell is the thumbs down click?!?!? Internet Explorer can suck a fuck!!!!!"

2. "Bill Brasky, 5 thumbs down??! No fucking way! NO thumbs down!!"

3. "This is strange, 10,000 thumbs up for this Jesus shit, and no thumbs down. Oh, this is Christian mingle."
by MagicalWhiffle July 09, 2011

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