gaming term. to be defeated or to defeat by a throw or throwing.
see how I just throwned that soldier with my bionic arm?
by FlamingDrongo August 28, 2008
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it means you're confused or can't figure out what to do
I'm so thrown, I don't know what to do-Usher
by #1 Shortay June 29, 2004
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to be severly fucked up on a.weed b. alcohol c. dxm d.any other drug e. all of the above
we popped some ludes and got totally thrown.
by Gaybi July 11, 2004
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When used in regards to a person, it means they are just not right in the head. Total insanity or lack of free will. Possibly lack of desire for life. In this sense it can be used as a compliment or and insult. Depending on the time of the message and your belief about there being a state of "good thrown". Usually used within the controlled substance community. Being "thrown" is often drug induced psychosis. Situations and or organizations can also be "thrown".

Kinda a synonym to stuck but instead of a current action it's usually permanent or might pass with soberitiy.

So therefore during the extreme climax of being stuck there's a possiblity of you never becoming unstuck. Which means you are thrown off the "norm". Now and unknown THROWN crazy motherfucking variant motherfucker.
"She needs to lay off the shit bro. Damn hoe completely thrown and flies into a rage about the smallest shit."
"Did you really (insert near impossible or improbable feat or brave/stupid suicidal act)"
"I did bro. I'm thrown"*laughs

"This whole government is fucking thrown bro just think about this evil shit they do. They play God with a magnifying glass and us ants. It's unthinkable."
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to be so drunk or stoned that you don't remember nothing
my homeboy got so thrown last nite he went home wit some ho
by Anonymous March 25, 2003
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It can mean any and everything it just depends on how you say it. The meaning is determined by what the conversation was leading too before the word was used or by the fluctuation on how it was said. It also means to throw.
Dude look at the chick. Man, she is thrown!
Dude look at the chick. Man, she is HOT!

I was soo thrown last night.
I was soo WASTED last night.

Shut up, your thrown.
Shut up, your STUPID.

by Chad Hannah September 12, 2006
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to have had your shot blocked in basketball
"damn, tre crossed that cat up but then when he pulled up for a three he got his shit thrown."
by sizam August 3, 2003
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