Acting general foolish about life, or to be misguided and heading down the wrong path in life
Man that girls fucked up all the time, she's throwed in the game for real.
by Buehler87 December 30, 2011
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to pick up a girl using a john like pick up line... if there is such a thing
john was throwing game to try and pick up that prostitute and still got rejected... so he had to throw money
by Big Boy 55 May 17, 2007
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When someone tries to ruin a good thing for another, such as when I'm trying to talk to a fly young honey and then my boy comes up behind her and says, "You know this dude is 48 years old, right?." If that ain't throwing salt in my game, nothing is...BITCH!!!
As in the above example, you might say to your homie, "Damn, playa!!! Why you throw salt in my game?!?!?!?"
by PoohBearJohn February 25, 2016
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Turning people's best efforts into bullshit.
The outcome might have been different if not for some folks throwing the game, but nobody will ever know. The bitterness comes from knowing that your best efforts have become bullshit, but not really having a way to connect A to B as to why, instead just blaming it on your team's mistakes or the opposing team's mistakes while the people that threw the game in the first place always run off with the money no matter what. Either way, they win, always.
by The Original Agahnim October 12, 2021
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