To eat, typically of a manner more associated to mess hall or cafeteria and is casual, with less emphasis on being formal, or of care for manners and etiquette and more for just simply enjoying the food, drink and company.
A gathering for consumption of food, drinks, sometimes ravenously, or in a party style or quick manner.
Can also be associated to male bonding - cavemen, campground, trench style dining.

Its synonymous with the term chowdown.
At break time, we have only minutes to really throwdown.
by Charvelguy2 October 30, 2009
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throwdown= the agressive push and and pull of a hook up that makes it so hot u come out sweating, where u undress eachother, not urself, ur moving so fast and hard no one can talk, wen the guy undresses u and lifts u on to the wall all at the same time, but nos how to kiss u w/o over doing itwhere u get thrown hard enough so that it almost hurts, u may even get a some bruises, its hard to remember everything afterwards because u were so involved in fire that u cant remember wat happened u loose track of time and its almost like wrestling with out the stupid spandex suits and u never forget a hookup with good throw down, ever
The sex throwdown was so intense, i had scars.
by magpie62 November 21, 2006
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yo man john threw down this week there were like 100 kids
throw down
by Emile December 20, 2005
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a bunch of stupid emos that think they are hardcore at a concert that randomly kick and punch the air, flaying aimlessly and look like flaming asshats, some of them pretend they are fighting invisable ninjas, it's funny when they get hurt.
throw down can also mean to get into or start a fight
1. Lets have a fuckin throw down at the show tonight our gang will take on the 368, we will throw this shit down, HardXcoreXXxxxxX

2. if he doesnt fucking shut his mouth there will be a motha fuckin throw down the bitch will get pwned
by Obe1kenobe December 23, 2005
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To have a party with alcohol, drugs, etc.
"Yo bro, lets throw down this weekend lets go get stuff
by awyssa faye November 02, 2010
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A 275ml glass bottle of beer sold in cartons of 24. Cheap Beer :)
"A few of these throw-downs'll hit the spot"
by HEMI April 28, 2003
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