describes a bad ass stereo system with subs
Those new subs you copped are throbbin'.
by DustinOwens November 21, 2005
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The act of asking someone to cease being unpleasant, malicious or a downright cock. Not just a cock, but an enormous, throbbing cock.
Chris: Dude this burger is huuuge.

James: Like that fatty you porked last weekend?

Chris: Holy fuck. Why do you always have to be a huge throbbing cock? Seriously, just Stop Throbbin'. Fuck, man.
by Supercuntthethird March 9, 2011
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an unusually long and hard cock, similar to a horse cock
I ripped that bitch a new one with my throbbin' dobbin. I don't know what was bigger, her eyes when she saw it or her hole after I reamed it.
by pornhorn55 January 10, 2010
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Pulsatile erection sheathed in a condom pre-final destination.
After fumbling in the dark Mandy turned on the light and gasped with delight at the size of Wayne's throbbin hood.
by cpRtech June 21, 2007
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you probably heard this in a Smii7y or Kryoz youtube video. its a porno on the hub.
kryoz: lol throbbin hood
smii7y: im pretty sure thats a porno ive seen
by Cyirinn November 28, 2020
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the act of performing fellatio whilst simultaneously eating ice cream
Guy 1: "Raquel gave me ice cream for my birthday which I thought was weird, but then she surprised me with a baskin throbbins."
Guy 2: "That's amazing!"
by ieatjenga February 12, 2015
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