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A Thrifter is a low level player, or opportunist. In a broader sense, a thrifter is a purveyor of second-hand pleasures.

Based on the Jim Thompson novel and 90's film adaptation, "The Grifters," a thrifter is anyone who makes a living by scoring objects of worth from Grannie's yard-sale (i.e. suckers) and reselling them on Ebay or a Flea Market at a huge profit. True thrifters live in second-hand style, rocking used clothes, furniture, music, books, etc. Conversely, thrifter may also be used as a compliment.

Die-hard Thrifters end up owning boutiques, peddling antiques, old records, vintage clothing, or graduate to become pickers for Crate and Barrel, Urban Outfitters, etc.

Thrifters may ultimately learn a trade and become clothing designers ripping off designs from old clothing, or documentary directors, thrifting the pain and suffering of others for their own benefit.
Mom, that thrifter you gave my comics to has my X-men #64 up on Ebay for 500 bucks!

Molly Rigwald's character in "Pretty in Pink" is a total proto-thrifter.

That was a thrifter move, ganking my ideas for your TV pilot, and then sicking your lawyer on me when I complained. Thanks.

Katy Perry is a saucy little thrifter, i like how she rocks an up-do.
by Unlearny February 28, 2009
The Thrift is the ongoing search for amazing, kitschy, cool, outrageous, and inexplicable things at Thrift Stores (Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc.), yard sales, Government Auctions, Penny Saver newspapers, etc.

The Thrift is a never-ending journey, like life, where one special item may fill a particular need, but never completely Satisfies.

Basically, The Thrift is thrifting in a more universal way.
When I hit my thirties, I thought I was done searching through bales of clothing and pawnshops, always looking for the ultimate score, but THE THRIFT is a seductive mistress, and her siren-call could not be ignored.

I'll gladly keep my fifty cent copy of "Maggot Brain" over some re-mastered quadraphonic enhanced CD... the scratches add authenticity to the music and remind me of The Thrift and all her sweet mysteries.

That guy in the line ahead of me got that Eames chair just before me, the agony of The Thrift!
by Unlearny February 28, 2009