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Noun: An abbreviation for Kentucky Derby,
A marijuana smoking game where you take a drag by preferred method of inhalation (joint, blunt, bowl, bong, vaporizer, etc..) as you are leaving your place of residence, you hold in the smoke until you arrive at your vehicle.

Warning: It is possible to pass out, so remember your consciousness is more important than winning the game. If you're a loser, that is.
Smoker #1: "Hey...wanna go get some t-bell?"
Smoker #2: "Obviously, do you wanna k-derby this dude?"
Smoker #1: "Absolutely, fantastic idea if I do say so myself. Off we go then."
by k@thyl& July 31, 2010
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Shopping in thrift stores for trendy, vintage clothing and/or other items.
Let's go thrifting on friday, I get paid" "Okay, I'll ask my parents for more money
by k@thyl& April 6, 2011
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Similar to being neighborly but in a camping setting
our neighbors offered to help us set up our tent in good-camperly fashion
by k@thyl& May 27, 2017
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