The best hardcore punk band. Not only is their lyrics deep, but they put their music together like no other.
by Bengay August 15, 2003
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One of the best bands I've ever been privy to listen to. The three CD's they have are completely different and show how the band evolves constantly.

Could be compared to the second-coming of Darth Vader or intergalactic space pandas in terms of coolness.

The best part is that they haven't sold out because a lot of people don't know about them, making them the most perfect band ever without being to alternative to make you want to castrate yourself(IE Nirvana and that retarded band with the song "I write songs not tragedies", whatever that fucking dump ass-band is called....)
Yiffy guy: Did you hear Thrice's newest Cd, Vheiisu, it is so markedly different from their CD, but just as good. I think listening to it is better than having sex with your sister.
Nick: Wow fuck you.
Yiffy Guy: No, fuck your sister.
by Will the ninja pirate October 29, 2006
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wickedest band ever (and no i'm not from maine) with such kick-fucking-ass songs as deadbolt, where idols once stood, beltsville crucible, and to awake and avenge the dead. Thrice goes along with other wicked bands such as rise against, NOFX, misfits, less than jake, reel big fish, millencolin, raised fist and so on...........
fuck dude! you see that thrice concert last night?
hell yeah man, i was totally rulin the pit that night
by Steph-o August 10, 2003
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used to explain the third accurance of an event; similar meaning to that of once or twice.
Always try something once, or twice, or maybe even thrice.
by Claudie July 24, 2006
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1. To do something three times, even though you're SUPPOSED to say "three times"
2. Haters of the K-POP group "Twice"
1. P1- I licked her armpit thrice!

P2- Um...okay?
2. Thrice: I HATE TWICE!

Twice Fans: ...Okay...
by snafu love November 12, 2016
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