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1. To do something three times, even though you're SUPPOSED to say "three times"
2. Haters of the K-POP group "Twice"
1. P1- I licked her armpit thrice!

P2- Um...okay?
2. Thrice: I HATE TWICE!

Twice Fans: ...Okay...
by snafu love November 13, 2016
Torrance is a city in the state of California. It's known for the Del Amo Mall (You have to shop there). If you like quiet areas with low crime activity and old people, then that's your city!
Person 1: Where can I find Del Amo mall?
Person 2: Torrance, child.
by snafu love May 10, 2016
when you started off looking like an adult, but you grew into a person who dresses like a 5 yr old and only 5ft tall.

Examples: Ariana Grande and Melanie Martinez
Alice: Wow, look at Shelly!
Patty: Yeah, and she's only 14! Wait till she's 16.

Alice: Why does Shelly look so tiny and wear onesies and cat ears?
Patty: Ooh, she's a victim of reverse puberty. Sucks to suck.
by snafu love November 22, 2016
K-Pop girl group. Known for their songs "Whatta Man" and "Dream Girls".
"ioi: Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man, ara neoneun good man"
by snafu love November 13, 2016
An perfect example of how dumb, forgetful and easily persuaded humans are.

I could say, "The word 'carcass' never existed," and everyone would start yelling "MANDELA EFFECT!"
Amy: Want a rice crispie?
Barb: It's rice KRISPie.
Amy: No no, Rice Krispie is a name of a company, rice crisp-
Amy: *rolls eyes*
by snafu love November 22, 2016
a phrase that sounds like "who farted"
P1: Hoof hearted.

P2: Not me.

P3: I meant the horse's name is hoof hearted

by snafu love November 13, 2016