Orwellion concept.

A crime that you are guilty of because you are THINKING of doing something bad. (i.e. In 1984's Oceania, spending time alone is almost a crime because it's considered odd, and odd people are a threat to a stable environment such as theirs.)

also, see patriot act. (i.e. when you check anarchist cookbook out from the library or something, the gov might have the right to go into your home and tap your phone and computer. And it's all perfectly legal since you might be a terrorist.)
by rise up rise against June 21, 2004
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The crime named by an authority that claims, having a certain opinion or knowledge about something or someone is illigal.
It's forbidden to know or think of "a" or "b, c, ... " , 'cos this would be considered a crime.


An authority claims for any reasons 2+2=5 .
The fact that any devote subject thinks or knows 2+2=4≠5 is a thoughtcrime.
by In ☮️ we trust June 13, 2018
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