You typed in the wrong website cuz u retarded
Dude 1: searches up how to kms on ph. fuck wrong website
by It’s maheen November 27, 2021
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A website that returns all of its profits to the users that generated them, extracting only compensation for its operating costs.
One form of boomerang website generates advertising revenue proportional to user traffic, then returns its profits to its users, withholding only the portion of the advertising revenue equal to its operating costs.
by Roland Eavey August 08, 2006
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Know one knows his name but in his mind he knew this would be one of the cores of internet for little brains trying to find out what a rickroll is. For now we shall call him Sticker.
Person: I wonder who made this website?
Person 2: the person who made this website is our lord, Sir Sticker

Pope: “Thank you lord Sticker for this holy and knowledgeable website”
Everyone else: same
by Momba_dog831 May 03, 2021
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What you call the ESPN website if your cool, young and hip.

Find more at for more info.
Check out yo it’s dope. That’s that ESPN Website New New
by babynamemeanings162 March 27, 2018
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