Thirty-one is a generic number used to describe an unknown amount, often repeatedly.
Thirty-one is the amount of skittles/potato chips you can eat before you've eaten too much.
by NoaNnnnNoahnn April 2, 2018
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The universal time for Sex.
"Why were you in my bed at two-thirty-one last night?"

Veronica and Jon were getting it on at two-thirty one.
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Commonly used street term for meth, especially in or around central Texas.
Hey man, do you think you could get me some thirty one?
by 31Experience December 19, 2013
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similar to beer o'clock except early morning and created to combine the high of cannabis and sleep deprivation to create a stronger trip.
its burn one thirty dude lets light that shit up
by 5h0p September 1, 2010
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Is that a thirty-one bag?
Of course!
I just love thirty-one!
by June 18, 2021
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