an object you can't quite remember the word for... synonyms include: thing-a-ma-jig and whatsit.
"can you please pass the doohicky with the whatsits on the thing-a-ma-jig?"
by orgabulator June 13, 2004
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Doohickie is what you say if you dont know what something is, or forgot the word for it.
Ex: "There is this weird pink little doohickie hanging from my backpack.
by Aniixy Bell October 3, 2020
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Head Doohicky
This is a word created by Moriah Elizabeth in her video 'Squishy Makeover: Fixing Your Squishies #11' uploaded on Jan 12 2019. It means the comb on a rooster (the thing on top of a rooster). She searched up what it's called and even after she found out it was called a Comb, she said she like Head Doohicky more.
The little head doohicky on this squishy rooster is ripping.
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Dookicki: something (Crap) that would be left on the end of a penis after anal sex.
So there I was rogering this nice young thing in the ass. When I pulled out...There was a "doohicki" on the end of my penis.....
by dansouthern4u April 16, 2011
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