its the short form of ferrari
i just saw that big dog riding in a rari
by dada rich August 10, 2013
A slang term short for Ferrari.

Most notably used by the rapper Fetty Wap
Here comes Jack in his rari, lookin hella gucci.
by Gamblerus January 12, 2016
I was driving in my 'rari when a cop pulled me over for speeding
by Spooky spectr July 1, 2018
Stupid ass ghetto term for the automotive manufacturing company Ferrari. Used in rap songs by "Artists" like Fetty Wap and Remy Boyz. Equally as annoying as when someone pronounces Porche like "Porsh"
Trap nigga 1: Ay nigga didchu see dat Rari dirivin round here a while ago?

Trap nigga 2: Nah nigga I was 2 busy checkin out da Porsh
by flimflammer September 1, 2015