a theyfriend is not a girlfriend and not a boyfriend. it refers to your significant other that goes by they/ them.
Me: Yo who is that?
Adrian: Who them? Thats my theyfriend.
by downbadforboth September 29, 2021
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A partner whose preferred pronouns are they/them, thus the terms "girlfriend" and "boyfriend" are inappropriate.
"Hey Kyle, how's it going with your new theyfriend?"

"Great! I really think they're the one!"
by OmblissJuice September 16, 2021
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Much like boyfriend or girlfriend, "theyfriend" is a gender neutral term that can be used for your genderfluid/agender/etc significant other that uses neutral pronouns.
"I'm going to see my theyfriend today! I love them so much~"
by MintJulepTestosterone April 20, 2015
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