relating to the term, ‘thespian’, a ‘thesbian’ is someone who sexually identifies with theatre and who has a partner in theatre.
‘wow, she is such a thesbian! they’re so cute together!’
by givemtejdjk November 15, 2017
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A thesbian isn’t just a normal weird theater girl. It’s a lesbian theater girl who likes another girl in her theater group but will never tell her crush about her feelings. Thesbians usually grew up watching anime and had a weird obsession with playing my little pony. Thesbians also go through weird phases in their life, some thesbians that I’ve met went though a cowgirl phase, for the majority of thesbians being a weird theater girl is just for the attention they lack from other people b
Do you see that thesbian she’s obsessing over her theater friend”

Are you a thesbian?”
by amosluke_beers April 13, 2020
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