Of or referring to a man/woman who is usually "buttoned-up" in their way of life, but when placed in the right setting, comes out of their shell to reveal their true self. This may also refer to someone who is "out on the loose" or who currently has no care in the world.
Patrick had a few drinks and quickly became untucked.
by The A-Aron August 11, 2017
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Expression used by drag queens to describe the act of detaching/unwind their genitals that were hidden between their legs to give the illusion of a more feminine look. Often held in place with duct tape or tight underwear.
"While you untuck in the Interior Illusions lounge, the judges & I will deliberate." RuPaul
by hellcatspangled October 18, 2017
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This was a word created by Instagram Soam page “@NateClix”
When you say Untuck you are telling someone to pull up
Shawn: Oh I heard you was talking shit what’s good?
Nate: Oh word? Untuck nigga and let’s solve this issue
by Nate Clip July 15, 2019
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To "man up", or start acting like man. Refers to the act of reversing the tucking (thus untucking) one's junk (i.e. penis) between one's thighs.
Kenny: I like this girl, but I am not sure sure she'll go out with me. What if she says no?
Goldie: Dude, untuck your junk from between your legs already, and ask her out!
Kenny: Okay. Goldie, will you go out with me?
Goldie: I don't appreciate this, Kenny.
by artist6000 June 10, 2010
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When shirts are tucked firmly inside your jeans, it is extremely homosexual. To stop this sudden abundance of homosexuality you must untuck them. This is done by firmly grasping your shirt with two hands and force them up with an upwards motion. This will free your shirt from your jeans and allow your jeans to take a long sigh of relief.
You should really get around to untucking your jeans from now on..
by A Wise Asian Panda December 14, 2010
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