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A woman who isn't really a Lesbian but is just acting gay, either as a response to negative learned behavior towards men or not wanting to be alone due to unattractiveness.
A)Becky dumped Cindy when she finally met a guy who didn't make her feel threatened by men. I guess she was only a Thesbian after all. B) Tina will not drop her Thesbian identity because she would be lonely but would consider doing so if the right man came along. C) Sharon prefers men but her heavy-set build and man-ish looks leaves Thesbianism her only option to human companionship.

by Raymee December 07, 2006
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Social media feminist: Women have a voice!!!! #Brave
by DebSlave June 03, 2018
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Thesbians (n): a cross of the two words "thespian" and "lesbian" to describe two females involved in the same theatrical production, thespians, who act like a female homosexual couple, lesbians, despite the heterosexuality of either or both of the females.
"Sally and Susie are thesbians."

"Sally are Susie are in thesbians."

"The whole cast is in thesbians with each other. Even the guys."

"The girls' dressing room was one big thesbian orgy."
by Thesbian April 09, 2012
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Someone who is not gay, but acts gay when necessary.
"He ain't gay, he was just trying to get out of that fight. He thesbian."
by telemarcelo February 06, 2017
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Noun- a woman who acts like she has lesbian tendencies in order to get more attention from onlookers/guys.
"Look at those two thesbians going at it to rile up the crowd, the owner of the club is probably giving them free drinks."
by DangerousPlay June 04, 2009
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(adj.) Of or relating to dramatically or tragically acting like a lesbian; (n.) an otherwise heterosexual actress with dramatic lesbian talents. (usage) Often used by females to minimize interaction with males during social events.
(example) He didn't hit on her as he was tragically fooled by her thesbian display on the dance floor.
by tomikaze July 10, 2008
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A straight, bi, closeted, and/or perhaps later on a very, very gay male who is deeply in to theatrics and performing arts. His real persona tends to be extremely gay, and the roles he plays as an actor tend to look like a ballet of gayness.
Does everyone but himself know what a limp-wristed thesbianhe is?
by hygeinefag September 06, 2009
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