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a dinosaur who doesnt attack people, only bombards you with words that all have the same meaning until you kill yourself.

watch out. very dangerous

That thesaurus rex almost synonymed me to death.
by ojpimpjuice69 April 08, 2009
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A person who uses a word program or internet thesaurus in order to make their papers or written works appear smarter by replacing common words with larger or uncommon words.
The phrontistery is a Thesaurus Rex's wet dream.

"Since when does Bismark use the word jackanapes?"
"Since he became a Thesaurus Rex."
by Chromium April 02, 2006
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A big fella with a disproportionately small wing-man. Not exactly king-ding-a-long.
Hey now I know why your full name is Thesaurus Rex

Because I ain't seen shit like that since I was underage.

Rex: I . I . its not 'up' mate - how would you know what a big one is?

Actually - mate as long as you can keep beating the others off your tab, you got precedence on the name Rex.

Rex. You better believe I do.
by jujufruit July 26, 2017
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