Triple parentheses, ((())), also referred to as an echo, are used online to denote a person or organization who is Jewish or supports Jewish people and causes. They may also be used around a word like (((them))) or (((people))) to refer to Jews as a whole, especially by antisemitic people as a dog whistle or to avoid being flagged for hate speech.

Some Jewish people have reclaimed the symbol and put it in their bios or usernames, but it is most commonly used about Jewish people in a negative way, rather than by them.
user 1: What did you think of Jeff Goldblum's acting in Jurassic World? I thought the role was a bad fit for him.

user 2: I don't think (((Jeff))) should be cast in anything
user 1: Do you think he's a bad actor?
user 2: Not him specifically, but there are way too many of (((them))) in media
user 1: WDYM "them", who are you talking about?
by ZooplanktonPizza December 12, 2021
When in an attempt to have a good time but keeping your occupation in mind
Rep 1 “Hey man wanna slang them doors

Rep 2 “If by slang them doors you mean pop a hims with the boys and go hit bucks I’m down”

Rep 1 and 2 (in unison) “yesssir
by Prxoject September 19, 2021
Same vibes as “Slay”, “Go off” or ✨.
Can be accompanied by “, Queen”, often used to hype your friends.
Friend: *posts a picture*
Your comment: “DASH THEM OFF, QUEEN
by pebbles_duh February 4, 2021
an excuse to fuck someone in private.
hey mom i’m gonna show them the quilt”
“alright have fun honey
by warmgarlic13 November 29, 2020
to squeeze your boobs together and lean down so your boobs look huge
boy: can you please hang them
girl: okay
by Tony_0678 August 24, 2017
Morty, you got to flip them off. I told them it means Peace among Worlds. How hilarious is that.
by Angry_Peanut_52 June 13, 2021