That whole world out there is yours. Nobody can take it away from you but your own self, your state of mind, and your fear. It is yours to own, live in and make the most of. Life is what you make it.
Pete Rock: It's yours
Whose world is this

Nas: The world is yours
The world is yours

Pete Rock: It's mine, it's mine, it's mine; whose world is this
It's yours
by ThaGod December 3, 2013
An idiom from 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' (1600) by William Shakespeare.

-The person in question is literally influential to the point that he/she can be compared to having the world in his/her possession,

-The person in question has a lot of choice in some matter.
For your final project, you can choose from any of these assignments- The World is Your Oyster
by critical secant July 6, 2009
Video game based on the movie Scarface. One of the best movie-to-game releases to date.
I made $88,000,000 selling 6k of coke this week playing Scarface the world is yours
by adamsk February 14, 2008
Said to someone with the incessant need to make their business everyone's business
To someone comfortable with sharing information about themselves with strangers

1: Hello?

2: Hey, can you talk?

1: Later, I'm taking a dump right now.

2: Ugh...dude...the world is your Twitter.

1: Oh, sorry
by Niteryder August 9, 2010
Another hybrid of two common sayings, this rarely heard only by those in the highest echelons of society
by Uncleboozer August 23, 2019
The day of December 3rd shall be the date in which this day is correlated upon. If you are celebrating this day your asking the most coolest, giggly, and beautiful girl if she will take your hoodie.
Hey Logan its national give the cutest girl in the world your hoodie day and I really wanna give mine to Adi but I don't know if she'll say yes.
by ANguThePengu December 3, 2020