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Stating a phrase or asking question that suggests a contradiction towards a preceding statement or question.

Often irrelevant and, in all cases, does not answer the question.

Used mainly to stop a conversastion about to ensue on a topic the receiving end does not want to talk about. This is, for the most part, used by people who do not think it is morally right to just tell an outright lie.
Example 1:

1: Are you lying to me?

2: How could you think such a thing?

Example 2:

1: Do you like her?

2: No.

1: How about her?

2: No.

1: Her?

2: Would you quit with the listing?

Example 3:

1: I'll bet it was you who took the last cookie.

2: I think you're crazy.


The implied denial: Person 2 never said no or yes to the final question or statement in all of the above examples
by Niteryder April 3, 2010
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Limboing is a term when someone constantly harasses or annoys someone, sometimes out of love interest.

the term is more understandable when the phrase, "how low can you go" is added
1: geez, this guy won't stop bugging me. he constantly calling and texting me. do you think he likes me?

2: yep. he's limboing ya
by Niteryder February 6, 2010
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Said to someone with the incessant need to make their business everyone's business
To someone comfortable with sharing information about themselves with strangers

1: Hello?

2: Hey, can you talk?

1: Later, I'm taking a dump right now.

2: Ugh...dude...the world is your Twitter.

1: Oh, sorry
by Niteryder August 9, 2010
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The term "omgwthigo" is an acronym that stands for "Oh my gosh what the heck is going on?!" normally used when the person either truly is clueless on what is happening (usually wherever the other person is communicationg from) or as an expression while in a confusing online conversation, mostly with more than two people involved.

The longer version is more explicit, and self explanatory on what it is

User 1 says: There is no way that this is happening
User 2 says: I know srsly this is mssd up
Used 3 says: Unbelievable
User 1 says: Yeah
User 4 says: omgwthigo
by Niteryder January 8, 2010
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