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a gasoline motor that coils a rope between 22 and 25 mph and tows wakeboarders and wakeskaters alike. usualy to do pool gaps or to ride in places were a boat, waverunner or even a 50 cc cant get to
scott killed it at the toe jam when he pulled that nose slide off the pool on his wakeskate! during the winch session.
by sebC December 05, 2006
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1. To chow down on large amounts of big, hot, shit.

2. a greasy old man that takes mexican avalanches like a champion.

3."The Winch" is when someone goes to bathrooms and such places looking for feces that wasnt flushed. when such treasure is found then proceed to play with it and other activities.
Sir Jerald looked over to Lady Penelope and gave her a sly wink. "You're really going to love this next course," he said in a hushed whisper full of promise. The servent bought a steaming dinner plate to the table and lifted the silver cover. Lady Penelope's eyes lit up with delight and she blushed furiously at Sir Jerald. "My favourite, the WINCH!" she exclaimed and cut deeply into the big fat pile of shit that had oozed out of Geralds asshole not half an hour ago.
by carly049 November 18, 2008
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