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one of the two places (valley plaza being the other) that teenagers can hang out in bakersfield, many only go to start drama or show off their new gay ass "scene" hair and fucked up caked on makeup.

you can often spot 8th grade little whores walking around and "juggalos" who know maybe 3 ICP songs and claim to be "hardcore" when in reality they are merely burnouts who want a sense of "family" in which they seek to be a "juggalo" FUCKNG LAME SHIT. more recently, black people have been going to the marketplace and doing whatever black people do, but never fear gayass scene and "hardcore" kids, theres still plenty more of your clones there every SINGLE FUCKING FRIDAY of the year :

In additon to poser "scene" establisher kids, there are many "thizz heads" at the marketplace where they deal and sell and do their "thizz" or ecstacy pills.

carls jr. and the fountain are the places to be.


the marketplace can burn to the fucking ground along with all the stupid fucking scene hoes, bros and bro hoes, fake ass juggalos, thizzed out adolecents, "hardcore" mosh kids, random black kids, 8th grade whores, and everyone else who goes there to do not a damn thing.

oh and every other day the marketplace is a fairly decent place, filled with retired successful old people :
by biaatch. September 11, 2008
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