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1) when something amazing happens, he's the one you want to tell first.
2) he's not afraid to tell you when you are with the wrong guy.
3) he's the first one you call when things are going wrong.
4) he's the first one there when you need a shoulder to cry on.
5) when you imagine your perfect guy, you see him in your mind
6) your friends wonder why you and him aren't together yet.
7) he wants to be your back up date for formal, in case something goes wrong with the 'jerk' you are taking.
8) he knows when things aren't right, no matter how many times you lie using the words 'i'm fine..'
9) he gives you amazing advice on guys, cause duh.. who knows them better?
10) he is amazing in every single way and treats you the way you ought to be treated..
keep the guy best friend in your life! He will always be there for you no matter how shitty you treat him. He loves you and lets face it, you guys are meant to be together! It may take weeks, months or years..but you will end up with him. :)
by is he the one.. May 18, 2011
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