A word originated by the band Breathe Carolina..used in place of Bro, Man, Brother, Dude, Homie etc.
Sup Bronz? or Hey bronz pass that blunt
by EZ BRONZ April 29, 2009
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Deliciously golden, a god on earth, to be worshipped by all non bronzers.
I am worshipped, because i am so bronze.
by mumblers. August 8, 2010
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A raunchy comedy which stars Sebastian Stan and Melissa Rauch. It has been labelled as the greatest film known to mankind by Twitter users everywhere.
I love that scene in The Bronze where Lance gives Hope the gold.
by ceoofthebronze March 25, 2020
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1. a feeling of exceptional happiness; to feel good about ones self.
2. to like something immensely; to think highly of something or someone.
3. a different feeling than the general sense of happiness.
a. I am bronze.
b. That is bronze.
c. That hat is so bronze.
by kimberrome December 27, 2007
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To defecate in ones hand and rub it over their skin/naked body, similar to how someone might use fake tanning cream.
"The best way to stop them touching you is bronzing up"; or

"The guy in apartment 2C has bronzed up, we're going to need to get Police to deal with this one"
by Caspertheunfriendlyhost November 21, 2020
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