The sexiest, most charming human being you'll ever meet. If you have the honor of meeting a person named Tyson, you'd better shoot your shot.

A bonus that comes with a person named Tyson, is that they are born with the gift of talented hips if you know what i mean.

A Tyson's smile is infectious and he is funny without even trying.
Any living organism: "look at those hips MOVE!"

Any other living organism: Yeah he's almost as good as Tyson"
by Bearcat2 March 20, 2018
a HOT guy that has a great personality

he is always true to his girlfriend and loves her to death
Any girl would be lucky to have him

hes always there when you need him and makes you happy just by seeing him smile

Tyson is one of the "best friend" types but makes a amazing boyfriend
he had alot of friends and is popular around school
"OMG ! did you see tyson !"
by MusicForever February 22, 2012
Since there was nothing on TV, I turned my lava lamp on, grabbed my boxing gloves and gave myself a Tyson.
by TheCoach98 June 16, 2011
"I like Tyson chicken nuggets"
"Yeah, especially the dinosaurs shaped ones"
by majesticnerd May 10, 2017
Sexyest and Nicest Manwhore you will ever meet.
#1:omg im having a bad day
#2:need a hug?
#2:how about a kiss?
#1:dont be such a tyson
by xPoorLittleSceneGirlx January 24, 2009
Tyson is such a sweetheart, who always has good intentions. He is really good at all sports and is nice to everyone. He’s a bit shy but that doesn’t stop him. He is so cool and can slam dunk backwards.
Who’s that person slam dunking?? Oh...that’s Tyson.
by Lopped January 28, 2019