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A large, nut-filled turd that hurts the ass upon exit.
Man, that crap hurt! It was a real ass cactus!
by Bigsteve February 24, 2005
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A large inflatable structure often shaped like a house or a castle. Wherein people can bounce up and down trampoline-style.
My mom and dad gave me a great birthday party! We had cake and ice cream, and they rented a jumpy-house!
by Bigsteve May 09, 2005
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It's when you hit resume on someone else's xbox. The guy that dates single moms.
That guy goes out with all the single moms. He is such a mom smasher.
by BigSteve February 04, 2014
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A state of suckitude, or achieving a stateof suckitude.
"Why always the suck?"
by Bigsteve March 21, 2005
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