Hard-Mods, aslo sometimes referred to as Gang-Mods were Mods who split from the trendy, art-school oriented mod movement around 1967. They would take a more working class direction (and style) and eventually got influenced by Jamaican rudeboys, their style and their love for reggae, rocksteady and ska, while still keeping an interest in soul and mod R'n'B music.
Hard-mods would often join together in gangs and find a particular interest in getting into fights. Hard-mods were the forerunners of skinheads. Outfit: Parkas, Ben Sherman and Fred Perry Shirts and knitwear, Sta-Prest trousers, Levi's jeans rather than sharp suits, working boots (Dr. Martens), braces and college-haircuts or a short crop.
The hard mod look was extremely popular during the 1980s (punkrock induced) mod-revival, especially on the European continent.
by Self-Preservation Society September 20, 2007
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