reid a lil boy you sits in his room and masterbates all day long with his lube jar
by reid January 22, 2003
who ever put this is gay and i know ur probbaly from holmes. ill take 2 guesses its either austin or kurt
by FUCK YOU PEOPLE April 17, 2005
a position performed during anal sex...
where the women hold onto the ceiling fan...and the man does a hand stand...while giving it to her in the rear!!!
kevin and his mom
by andrew treeko January 23, 2003
The most amazing and sweetest guy you'll ever meet. He is very good looking and has a great sense of humor
"That guy that was talking to you was so kind! He's such a Reid!"
by flower_fields394 April 16, 2015
Oh my god did you see that guy? Yea he is a total Reid in the pants
by Doctorknockers69 December 1, 2013
A really sweet boy on the inside but is a jock for the rest of the world. He truly cares about other people but doesn't want to say anything or talk to anyone who will ruin his reputation. He is hilarious, handsome, sweet, and a heartbreaker. If you fall in love with him, you better be prepared for him to go out with your best friend!
I love Reid. It makes me want to punch something!
by Nun For Life January 2, 2013
Blonde hair beautiful, nice, and kind sometimes she can be crazy but in the end she will make you laugh. She is hilarious and very very pretty even though she doesn’t think so. She is very kind and respectful when she is in the room she is always smiling. When you have her don’t loose her.
I wish I was a Reide!
by Didn’t September 25, 2018