"During the Cold War there was much fear about whether or not we'd really have to use the red button."
by Dave September 28, 2004
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you don't press this, no matter how red or shiny it looks
"Dude is that the red button?"


"I think I'm gonna push it."

"Go ahead man but let me leave first"
by mongo5 November 21, 2006
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verb. To end an incoming call on the cell phone by pressing the red button. Used when trying to block out an annoying caller.
I had to red button the guy that called me six times in a row at the movie, how annoying!
by ahota March 15, 2004
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When someone does something so heinous, that you'd start Nuclear Armageddon over it.
I'm totally pressing the Red Button for this bitch! I want her and everything she loves to disappear!
by ZEXXES April 9, 2016
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The ubearable attraction to a dangerous/alluring object or situation. Very close to a drug addiction.

Applies to: sex, cliff-jumping, large red buttons that say "Do Not Push", hot girls bent over searching though their bags, stealing, etc.

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
Rob saw a shiny, red Ferarri with its door open and keys in the lock. I could see him shaking and knew he was having trouble resisting the Red Button Effect.
by ArkWielder August 11, 2011
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Something you press from curiosity and end up nuking the world.
A guy: *sees a big red button*
The same guy: *presses the button*
The guy again: hears a boom in the distance
by TroubleMachine January 16, 2020
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