A gigantic forehead. So massive it is thoroughly unbelievable.
" No, not the rawr!!! It's just too big."

"I tried to give her a pearl necklace, but the rawr was too huge"
by fr33bird April 26, 2006
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A subjunctive clause used in place of anything else you were going to say. Usually used as an exclamation or when nothing better can be said. If someone is getting under your skin you can just turn to them and start munching on them while saying "rawr rawr rawr". Can used only between the times of 7am and 1am. On Thanksgiving 'gobble gobble gobble' can be substituted but only people from the east-coast will really have any idea about what you're talking.
Rebecca was talking to me but I wasn't hearing everything thing she said, so I turned to her and said 'Rawr rawr rawr'
by Bear Jesus October 19, 2007
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A word that means "I Love You" in dinosaur.
-asteroid comes and kills them all-
by Faust is robby April 19, 2008
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Exclamation; Contrary to popular belief, "rawr"does not mean I love you in dinosaur. It loosely translates to "I am going to bite your torso off and consume it for sustenance."
Dinosaur: Rawr!
Stupid person: I LOVE YOU TOO!
*Stupid person gets eaten*

Dinosaur: Rawr!
Smart person: OH SHIT! I'm going to run away now!
*Smart person also gets eaten. You can't outrun a dinosaur. But at least he tried*
by baconfromheck17 January 24, 2010
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this word is a form of language from long ago used by dinosawrs. This word in that language mean i love you, which means you care for someone deeply.
I rawr cookies.

I rawr my best friend and he rawrs me.
by Angel of Choas January 20, 2010
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something you type into the google search bar when bored, usually how you end up on UD.
you may well be an example. rawr.
by icanhazbrainz?! December 26, 2011
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