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the poltergeist is a fairly common sexual act where a man is giving coital intercourse to a woman from behind. when things get really heavy, the man pulls his penis out and has his buddy, who may be named Karl or a different name, sneak his penis into the woman without her noticing the difference. the first man then sneaks outside and waves casually to the woman, through the window, very much to her surprise.
Karl had an off night at the bar last night so when we got home, him and I gave my wife the poltergeist.
by notjimmeratall March 28, 2017
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Needed: 2-5 people

A sexual act, similar in nature to the Houdini, although most effective as a prank pulled on an unsuspecting couple having sex.

During sex, have someone hidden strategically in the room, and another outside the door. At a given signal, the person in the room starts screaming and running around the room. The person(s) outside the room enters and proceeds to flicker the lights on and off, simulating the chaos demonstrated in the movie, Poltergeist.

Hilarity ensues.
Guy 1: "Man, I got lucky last night but my fucking roomates pulled the poltergeist on me! Lights, screaming, the works"

Guy 2: "That blows man... Was the look on her face worth it though?"

Guy 1: "Haha, yeah it totally was."
by Sgt.Hotdogs December 14, 2010
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The sexual act of having your partner hangs onto the headboard and you hold onto the lower thighs inserting the penis into the other members hole. The one hanging onto the headboard twists and turns while the other partner forcefully has intercourse. The one inserting yells " carl anne dont go into the light ".
That bitch is freaky, she made me do the poltergeist to her ass last night.
by MDRJ6J December 06, 2009
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