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a group of five people who believe themselves to be much better than the rest of their friends
a group of five residents of Porter Hall at Miami University call themselves the pentagon
by Abraham bin Laden December 04, 2008
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A Sexual position involving one women and five men. While being double-penetrated in both the anus and the vag, the young lad must use both her left and right hands to jerk-off two males. The fifth male stands in front for the blowjob. The move originated in Green Bay, Wisconsin when a teenage boy named Devin thought up the brilliant idea for one of his friend's mom.
Desperate for some action, a group of men paid a local HONEY to do the pentagon with them for a few minutes.
by Melvin Dickerson April 11, 2008
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The act of having sex with a member of the opposite sex from each branch of the military: Air Force, Marines, Army, Navy, Coast Guard. This can be done all at once or one at a time.
DW: Dude I completed The Pentagon last night!

BM: No way! I'm still need a Coast Guard woman to complete mine.
by aj garza April 20, 2008
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When you are having a 3some and the girl is sucking on dude and getting fucked by the other and the two boys are hiking hands. So it look like a pentagon. And take a picture of it.
Does anyone want to take a picture of this new sex position?

What is it called?
The Pentagon
via giphy
by 696969696969696dankkkk May 06, 2018
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