Pain in the hip due to too much sex. Tennis elbow of the hip.
I better switch positions before I get missionary hip.
by dampmark February 07, 2008
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male-female sex position in which the man kneels for the missionary position. This variation allows the woman's clitoris to receive the attention it deserves. The man can pull the woman onto his penis by placing his hands on her thighs, and she can raise her legs in the most comfortable way - even up onto his shoulders if she wishes (see Croatian sex ). The man can see himself going in and out of her vagina, which can be an incredible turn-on, and he can caress and stroke his partner's body and perhaps play with her anus as well if they wish. A good position for intimate connection, but somewhat of a strain for the woman if it goes on for too long. A pillow under her buttocks may help.
I gave her the kneeling missionary act last night.
by Jake March 23, 2004
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male-female sex position: the woman lies on her back with her legs apart and the man lowers himself on top of her, supporting his weight with his elbows, and enters her with his legs either inside or outside hers (usually inside). He may lower himself onto her and rest more of his weight on her body. The woman can wrap her legs around him to control the depth and speed of his thrusting into her vagina, or she may thrust a little towards him from her pelvis to match his movements in and out of her vagina.
She's not a big fan of the missionary position, she prefers that I lie on my back and she sits on me; I like that too, as it leaves both my hands free, to touch her.
by Jake March 23, 2004
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Unlike the missionary, this on is a little better, where the guy lays down and the chick lays down on top.
by Cheese November 15, 2003
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Like any missionary, except one who preaches out of the book of (Karl) Marx.

Basically, any communist in your workplace or college.

They believe in overthrowing the superior western system of capitalism, and replacing it with what is essentially surfdom - basically, people working in the fields and factories all day for virtually no personal gain.

They are annoying, and like most cultish preaching missionaries, they speak some real non-sense, and are hard to get rid of.

And like Scientologists, they will make your life a living hell if they find that you have anything against them.
"Agh! Help me get rid of the Marxist missionary, they keep preaching about revolution, and won't listen to any of my logic!
by GTFO Marx fuckers January 23, 2010
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A sex position in which the female lays on her back and the guy lays on top of her
Kiersten : Last night Jake was tired so we just did the Missionary Position all night!
Kaylee : So who cares!
Kiersten : Yeah well my baby works hard all day sometimes he needs a break!
Kaylee : Then why don't you two just sleep?
Kiersten : Yeah right like Jake can just sleep next to my hot little body!
Steve : Yeah sometimes when Chad is in the Missionary Position with his wife I like to hide in the closet and jack off!
Kiersten : You Dumbass That's Gross!
Kaylee : Yeah what the Fuck are you doing in his house anyway?
Steve : Oh I meet Chad there when he get's home from work so I can suck his cock to you know warm him up!
Chad : Hey Guy's What's Going On?
Kiersten : Not much Steve say's he like's to watch you and your wife in the Missionary Position!
Kaylee : And jack's off too!
Chad : God Damn't Steve your supposed to go home after you suck my cock quit hiding in closet's umkay!
Steve : Ok im sorry I wont do it again!
Chad : Now go home your not supposed to be here anyway it's not the weekend!
Steve : Yeah then I can put my blowup doll in the Missionary Position!
Kiersten : Oh God just go home already!
by SlopNChop July 25, 2018
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Any person whome engages in the act of smoking methamphetamine, particularly one whome is addicted and/or binges.
A: That dude blows through a gramme of tweak a day.
B: Damn! Like a true missionary.
A: For real...
by fish fish fish October 15, 2007
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