apartment complex in indianapolis, basically a project... real ghetto, high crime rate, alot of drugs n weapons... police afriad to come through and usually come in flocks so they dont get fucked up
i was just walkin by the meadows and i got my wallet hat n shoes stolen...shit at least i didnt get shot
by Matt Powers June 10, 2006
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Meadow - a beautiful field of flowers..... usually a girls name.
Meadow is be as beautiful as a flower.
by Meadow rose July 18, 2018
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Meadow is the best in the land everyone loves her because she cares for everyone she never cares what they say about her she is also very open minded she loves her family very very much and friends if she has a important man in her life she treats him well and he is very lucky to have her she always has a tight relationship because she always love them and if not she will tell.
Guy DAMMM that girl is look fine

Guy 2 I wanna get me some of that.
Guy 3 I wanna get me some of that Meadow 😘😘
by Mitzy.12 April 16, 2017
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If you know a Meadow you are one lucky person. They are usually very sweet on the outside, yet sometimes they have their moments. They are quick to defend their friends and family. They are usually what you call the mom of the friend group. They usually are somewhat tanned with brown hair and brown eyes. They also usually are some Asian nationality.
Wow, you know a Meadow?! Sick!!!
by Scraloni August 23, 2018
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Meadow is a beauty. She is a girl you meet and won’t want to let her go. She is a hot ass girl that all the boys fall for. She’s got brown hair , brown eyes and a amazing body. She is smart and quick on her feet to defend anybody she cares about , and people she doesn’t well. She is typically the mom of the friend group. If you know a Meadow you one lucky person!
Guy 1: I met this girl at the club she was hot
Guy 2: Really I didn’t see her what’s her name
Guy 1: Meadow
Guy 2: I saw her too don’t lay a hand on her she’s mine!
by Lea_123 January 9, 2020
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Can be a very rare name of someone who is beautiful, artistic(amazing photographer), usually brown haired, smart, loving, and unique.

She usually loves to read, and party.
Guy 1: "I met this really cool girl last night. Her name was beautiful, and unique. It was Meadow."

Guy 2: "I want to get me some of Meadow. Like DAMMMN."
by EmilyE-tard January 15, 2009
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This girl will be your best friend but only if you are on her good side. She is very smart, witty and beautiful. She is very determined and hard working to get what she wants. Someone is always crushing on her and most likely she has a crush on someone, if you know a Meadow, you know she’s amazing!
Guy: You know what I like Meadow.

Guy 2: Don’t we all.
by Malescrito August 26, 2018
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