...fuk...wat can i say...?? well, she's a mother-fuking, child-fuking, dog-fuking human elephant who's endlessly eating doughnuts, pizzas n occasionly small children..well, thats not the worst ov it, she has fake, red, spikey hair n crazy orange eyes, which she uses to kill ususpecting skl kids while working on 1 ov many essays.
"u heer sumtin ben?"

<rumbling of the ground>

"yh....o fuk-shit-jesus of veronda city..(dunno where that is, but it sounds gud)..it's the LAMBERT!!"

<screams all around the skl, frantic peeople running in all directions>
by unknown random person April 5, 2005
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A slang term from St. Louis, Missouri referring to St. Louis Lambert International Airport, the major airport for Greater St. Louis.
Person A: "Hey, I'm flying out from Lambert tomorrow"
Person B: "I'll miss you man"
by rimnuthefolf August 3, 2023
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Lambert is such a fabulous man with such great sexy energy! He is a man of big dick size that even the boys question their sexuality!
Wooow!!! Lambert is so fine that i will scream and cream! I cant handle his beauty
by Sligato July 7, 2022
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to get your daily fix of adam lambert
bitch: why are you shaking and foaming at the mouth?

me: because i have not lambertized yet today! >=O
by DANA ANACHR0N!5M June 3, 2009
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It is where a Man is so cool and sexy that straight men begin to question their own sexuality because they are attracted to him.

Lambertitis has been around for a long time, but has just been given a name from this years american idols, Adam Lambert.
"He is so cool that I think I am coming down with Lambertitis"
by ricair May 9, 2009
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When you are so excited and so happy you have nothing left to do but scream and push someone's face into your crotch!
"Jake so Lambert it last night when he heard about the backstage passes for Lady Ga Ga!"
by Kitties in Heat December 15, 2009
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Defined by the actions of former American Idol contestant Adam Lambert onstage, in which he grasped a dancer by the back of the head. He then proceeded to shove the dancer's face into his groin, and thrust his hips vigorously.

The action of thrusting one's hips into someone's face is now known as a "Lambert".
Man, that girl's a butterface! It's a good thing I don't have to look at it when I lambert her.
by Bathtub Buccaneer November 23, 2009
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