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It's a book like the bible. But it's for bros. you read it everyday like the bible but since its for guys, it's called "the guyble"
(Bro code put into a book,the guyble)
by Kidnplay62 November 10, 2013
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The Guyble is a sort of social understanding upon "Men" to follow and abide by rules regarding friendship, relationships, business, and general respect. Examples from this spoken bible for men would be not to fool around with your friends ex though there are exceptions. Another example being not to use the urinal next to your fellow bro. Use one over. If you make a promise to help your fellow bro with something like moving, or giving them a lift, follow through. If you're helping them hide something small from their folks or something small, don't break the code only if it's imperative because someone may be hurt. There are limits and exceptions to rules in the Guyble
"Dude, you can't do that. It's against the bro code!"
"That's right man, it's in the guyble"
"...What the f**k is a guyble? Is that the album of Guy Fierri that you were trying to show me earlier?"
"N-No. That was something else..."
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by RetributionVII June 29, 2018
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