a dance used primarily by homosexual men to inform other men that they wish to have sexual relations with them
robert: does the griddy

frank: 👅🤭❤️💦
by ItsRec August 5, 2022
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Courageous at heart; Optimistic mentality; Resilient spirited
Joe: Hey Pops, I got something enormous biting on my line. I don't think I could hold on.

Pops: Stay griddy son, the fish will eventually tire itself out.
by Ricky Fort February 19, 2022
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The Griddy is a dance usually used after a touchdown in football. When you jog move your hands back and forth from your front and back. Eventually, you will put an, "OK" sign over your eyes for about two seconds. and keep jogging.
Football Narrator: And a 70-yard touchdown! He hits it with the Griddy!
by WikiWooHoo May 18, 2022
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"I say right foot creep oo walkin in that heat oo"
by kwee! May 11, 2022
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Griddy can mean something or someone is dirty/foul, beingfresh/ having swag, and someones on there grind/ or making money.
Yo son those kicks is griddy how much they cost? They too fresh son too fresh ima cop a pair.

Wow man that wasn't cool you did her made griddy. You should apologize forreal G.

I stay on my griddy all dam day tryna make this money you feel me?
by Young L.D.B February 26, 2010
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when you go out to depost the garbage and you are gangbanged by 5 raccoons in the mouth, ears, and nose
Dad: why did it take you so long to take out the garbage son?
son: No reason, I just go griddy
Dad: I remember my first time now go and wash out your ears before it drys
son: thanks Dad
by IGetGriddyEveryNight March 16, 2022
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on god but it’s on griddy
friend: i wanna buttfuck all my homies
me: on griddy
by yeetmeat_ December 22, 2022
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