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Griddy can mean something or someone is dirty/foul, beingfresh/ having swag, and someones on there grind/ or making money.
Yo son those kicks is griddy how much they cost? They too fresh son too fresh ima cop a pair.

Wow man that wasn't cool you did her made griddy. You should apologize forreal G.

I stay on my griddy all dam day tryna make this money you feel me?
by Young L.D.B February 26, 2010
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getting fReAkY, Down n' Dirtay, Hyphy with Dem Kauai Trogs.
James: "Damn, lastnight i got soooo griddy."

Bob: " yaaaaa guy you're a fucking GRIDDY MONSTA"

James: "CHEEE"
by kahalua.mavoi July 18, 2011
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Group of boys that share the same clothes and sneakers 'They think they are the shit This group of boys are usually the homosexual cravers . They have a party every Friday night and only invites dark skinned males . A lot of oral sex goes on during these parties. They steal their used clothes from the thrift shop. They also love to drink men seamen (cum). Any male out there should stay away from these group of boys, they are perverts and usually has the disease AIDS.
by Nick Santiago November 14, 2013
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