A super-cool male human (usually fairly young --- i.e., between the ages of mid-teens through late 20's --- but can be any age) who either already possesses exceptional tolerance/awareness/understanding/sympathy regarding the more-well-known physical/mental/emotional infirmities and "meltdown triggers" experienced by his fellow humans, or has caringly volunteered to take special training to familiarize himself with such matters; he is therefore qualified --- similar to a therapy dog, cat, horse, bird, or other friendly-natured pet --- to accompany one or more distress-sufferers (usually a similar-aged male, but again, the assistance-receiver can be any age or gender) during particularly stressful everyday tasks and/or errands, and provide nurturing soothing companionship to said sufferers and thus make their lives significantly more palatable. And of course, female equivalents of this admirable caregiver --- known as "therapy chicks" --- also exist; they, too, can be of any age, and provide warm-hearted accompaniment and supplementary assistance to fellow humans of any age or gender.
Therapy dudes sometimes have a very difficult/stressful job, but somebody has to do it. Hats off to them.
by QuacksO March 14, 2018
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a guy who will. jump at any oppertunity to have any and every chance to have any interaction with a female
look at this thirsty ass dude
by bearmace041 November 25, 2020
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Brian: “this dude is actually fucking a dead body”
Jake: “what the hell why would he do something as horrible as that?”
Brian: “he said no homo tho
Jake: “oh ok it’s fine then”
by Lil big 4x October 16, 2019
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The top dog. El jefe, the boss, the one in charge, the big cheese, the main dude or person of interest.
There’s several guys that work for them but Larry is the main dude
by Ruthlessberger June 10, 2021
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November 12; a day dedicated to feeling grateful for those who have given a gift that keeps giving even after they've passed.
We celebrate Thank a Dead dude for an STD Day on November 12 each year.
by questionable zebra November 12, 2020
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