four kick ass chicks that play rock n' roll music... composed of :

Allison R: Donna R (guitar)
Brett A.: Donna A (Vocals)
Maya F: Donna F (Bass)
Torry C: Donna C (Drums)
Damn the donnas kicked some ass tonight at the show...
by yourbestfriend May 2, 2004
A band that consits of four girls that make some kickass music. Each girl takes the name Donna with their last name intial. Ex.Donna R, Donna A, Donna F, and Donna C.
We rocked out ot the donnas last night
by marika January 16, 2005
The Donnas kick Guns and Roses sorry asses!!!!!

I have way more respect for The Donnas than I do for gnr.
Who else respects The Donnas alot more than gnr?
by gnr are pussies May 29, 2005
4 girls who are in a rock band who just came out and think there already big knowing that they have alot to go.also tomboys
the donnas and there vids-tom boys
by angelic_tears13 August 23, 2003
a music group that paul "shine" likes very much
well you can play my game
by bon August 18, 2003
The epitome of a desirable lady.

One of the most genuine, caring, sweetest girls out there. Has natural beauty and a fine, toned body. Stunning features and very pretty eyes and the most beautiful smile. Very intelligent and understanding, lights up every room she walks into. Amazingly fun to be around and has a positive, playful and funny attitude. Nice to absolutely everyone and basically the most perfect kind of girl.

It's no surprise Donnas get all the guys. She makes a loyal partner and definitely someone to invest your time into.
Jill: Man, who is that chick? She has so many friends and every guy is falling for her!

Jack: You don't know her? She's freaking hot but she has a boyfriend.

Jill: Oh, no surprise, she's very nice actually.

Jack: Yeah, she's absolutely amazing ... I had a crush on her but she's too good for me.

Jill: Damn... I wish I was a Donna
by ladadee March 10, 2012
A girl who is the God of being savage. You must bow down to her before she eats your soul. Can be your best friend, or what dreams are made of. Also she can hypnotize you with her ass.
“What happened to you? I just got Donna’d. She made me cry and fall in love at the same time”
by Gabanoms June 25, 2020