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Attention all black people we No longer say "lol" that's for white people now...we say "gnr" (gotta nigga rolling), pass it on.
by AlphaBarbiee June 17, 2009
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text 1: bro, i was walking across campus and this girl got hit by another girl on a bike. you shoulda been there!

text 2: damn, man gnr

or: the black version of lol
by bu-cdc June 17, 2009
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Person 1- Did you hear cheater's is fake?
Person 2- gnr.
by August Big Penis June 29, 2010
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The Black Way Of saying LOL It stands for Gotta Nigga Rollin females could use it as Gbr for Gotta Bitch Rollin
Young JUZ: I take some credit for Gnr because i thought of it in the shower

All THe Other Black PPl: GNR!!! nigga you didnt make shit!!!

(Books Thrown At Me)
by youngjuz03 June 27, 2009
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GNR:Gotta Nigga Rollin'

The latent term for "LOL" used by minorities.
son my cat fell off the table gnr!
by D Jizzle King Koos June 17, 2009
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