To take a huge juicy, brown, stinky dump (poop, shit w.e you wanna call it) on a person (known or just a payed hooker) before or after sex.
"Jim gave sally a cleavland steamer and it was hot as hell"

"I'd give a woman a cleavland steamer"

"Catlyn dreams of cleavland steamers in Mrs. Ford's class"
by Sexy Poo Dude December 29, 2006
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This is when u take a dump on a chics chest, then make her run out in the cold and steam comes off her.
Tom: What happened with that chic Jenny from the office? She's going around saying you ain't shit.
Cleve: Damn shrimp fucked my stomach up. Told that bitch I didn't wanna fuck, but she just wouldn't stop. So when she topping me off, she screamed out, " u da shit." and i thought she said,"u can shit". Next thing you know, she was running outside throwin up from the stentch of the Cleavland Steamer I gave her.
by c.w.w September 05, 2006
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When you take take a shit of the chest of another human and rub the feces all over their body.
I gave your sister a Cleavland Steamer.. and she liked it!
by StONY January 25, 2004
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to shit on ones stomach while engaging in intercoaurse with a loved one.
Wow I get the smell off from that clevland steamer lastnight
by travis November 05, 2003
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two sexual partners defecate on each others face at the same time
That girl is down for anything, we ended up doing the 69 cleavland steamer
by roach cich June 02, 2006
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