The Brave Little Toaster is an 80s animated movie that tells the story of five old appliances (a toaster, an electric blanket, a vacuum, a lamp, and a radio) on a quest to find Rob, their Master.
The film has four songs: "City of Light", "Like a B-Movie", "Cutting Edge", and "Worthless".

Although the film was well recieved by critics, some parents found several scenes in the movie too intense for younger viewers. In addition, parents also objected to a picture of a nude woman that was on screen for about a second. She has since been covered with a swimsuit.

This was the first animated film to be shown at Sundance Film Festival.

The movie has two sequels, "The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars" and "The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue".
I was eager to show my young cousin The Brave Little Toaster, but unfortunatly, I lost my copy.
by musical_fan February 19, 2007
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Most obscure Disney film ever, it's very scary and features a toaster getting massacred
by SUMFURRYTHING June 13, 2016
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The Brave Little Toaster is an animated movie which was created in 1987.

According to IMDB this is the plot:
When a young boy and his family don't come one year to their holiday home, their household appliances, led by the toaster think their master might be in trouble. They decided that rather than stay where they are, they'll try to find them. So beings a dangerous and amusing adventure through the countryside and into the big city.
by Hand of Fate May 1, 2009
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having sex with a person in a coma while shocking them with the defibrillation paddles
Back when he was a resident, Parker used to BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER bitches in the vegetable ward all the time...
by T. L. Jones July 10, 2008
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A Honda Element car, due to its resemblance of a toaster.
My friend's Brave Little Toaster was totaled after it ran into a Prius.
by Tuesday93 August 12, 2009
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While hitting it from behind (doggy-style sex), having your girl stick a fork in an electrical outlet.
After dinner, Bill and Jane brought the spark back to their marriage by utilizing the brave little toaster.
by T. LaQueefa Jones January 16, 2008
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