by far the most perfect person you will ever meet. charismatic, charming, beyond intelligent, and funny. he is as strong as anyone or anything could ever get. the perfect friend anyone could ever have. loyal and caring, he will never leave you and will always have your back for anything you aspire. very tough, courageous, and strong-minded- he will also never fail to diss you aside if you double cross him or go against his morals. the best partner, boyfriend, husband, best friend, criminal that will only ever exist. he is one in infinity.
"oh my god, she's so lucky. i wish i could have a marceau, too."
by 420angel February 1, 2019
A very epic gamer and is a proud bible man. He is very edgy and religious and tends to be mysterious with his laptop sometimes at night.

If your a girl and have Marceau as your hot smexy boy friend, you'll live approximately 30 years longer because of how religious Marceau is and how good he is at taking care of you.
look at that Marceau
I want a Marceau
by Breekki February 17, 2019
The result of cumming on a woman's face, making her resemble the famous mime. Best performed with an epic first load.
Last night I blasted her with an epic first load and turned her into Marcel Marceau!
by bjmike September 18, 2017
Italian or french name. Usually someone who thinks the worlds belong to him and only allows one-way friendship because he's so selfish.
"He's a real Marceau, we only see each others when I insist for hours and he never thank me for anything"
by Gemmey June 5, 2017
Marceau’s one of the most complicated person you will ever met. He never knows what he want to and is always hiding is feelings, because he wants to keep it for himself and doesn’t want to share, even with his closer friends, what he feels. If you are in love with a Marceau, i suggest you, I BEG YOU to run. Trust me. Although Marceau is complicated, he’s one of the most incredible person i know. He is special, funny, enthusiastic, empathetic, loyal in friendship, knows how to have fun and very charming. You can have deep conversations with him in the middle of the night. I have to confess he is really kind even if he didn’t completely showed it to me. Try to consider Marceau as a friend, not a lover.
I love you so Marceau.
« Marceau is completely indecisive »
by completelyprivateandanonymous November 22, 2021