A term of endearment used to describe Christopher Meloni's luscious bubble-butt.
"I only watched OZ to see the ass of life in the shower."
*posts a photo of Meloni's bum to Twitter, tags it #AOL *
by livstabler January 19, 2014
-has no job.
-lives with their parents.
-mooches off their friends.
-isnt going to do anything with their life.
He lives with his parents with no job and no future, he's a broke ass low life.
by amezcua September 29, 2010
The time it takes a fart or shart to be reduced to half its initial potency, typically measured in seconds.
Upon eating Thai food, Dr. Long Fat Wang discovered that the Ass-life of his farts increased by a solid 15 seconds.
by believeitsbutter January 14, 2013
nothing isn't as worth as life, dont worry about yourself and keep on the way of life
a situation kick the ass of life and lets go (Turkish Urban Idioms)
children who flunked in class and took father cars to go to end of year party without permission
by STS07 May 12, 2011
When a woman has the most amazing ass one has ever seen. A super duper, Grade A Premium, tight, perky ass
Have you seen Sally? Hell yeah I have! Sally's a goddess and has the ass of life!
by Robert Burk August 1, 2017