Excitment. Another word for sweet! Awesome! Is used a lot in the anime Dragon Half.
by T May 18, 2006
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a large dyke woman who consumes large amounts of crack. Also known as a "super sized crack whore".
That Way-Way can lick a good lolly-pop.
by C-$ July 27, 2006
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In a station wagon there was the back seat and the way way back seat that faced out the window toward the cars behind you.
I always called dibs on the way way back seat so I didn't have to sit between my brothers.
by Maude Muffin November 01, 2013
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- they are a higher power worshipped by those in the marijuana consuming community whose powers and blessing are seen through good fortune and/or karma
"waking up to a half smoked bowl? a true blessing from the the way way gods"
by infohere December 17, 2018
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1) A glorified way to say that you have to walk somewhere
2) A budget means of transport

NB: Wai-wai translates to legs in Maori
Guy 1: Bro, how are we getting home tonight?
Guy 2: Wai-wai express bro
by anthubc2010-waiwaiexpress October 05, 2010
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hippo way way means a women with extremally large breats and bum
wow, look at that hippo way way
by llizzieee January 16, 2012
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