using a hose you push water into the woman's Vagina and then quickly stuff your penis in as you pull out the hose, proceed to have intercorse, after you cum you pull out and watch the water flow.
man my girl was in the back yard watering the plants, but i took the hose and gave her the water spout
by MasterDarc February 10, 2010
A natural occurrence that takes place when clouds get unnecessarily thirsty. The clouds create their own "straw" and begin sucking up water from the nearest large body of water. It closely resembles a tornado.
Person 1: "Dude, is that a tornado over the ocean?"

Person 2: "No, its a Water Spout. The clouds are just thirsty"

Person 1: "Oh"
by Hey, Its my pseudonym! July 10, 2011
The act of inserting a straw into your lover's ass and then blowing cold water up the straw and into the anus. If done correctly, your partner should feel an incredible cleansing sensation.

But, beware of the backflow!
My girlfriend doesn't let me penetrate her ass with my cock, but she's not opposed to "the water spout".
by ColReb January 5, 2010