An incompetant co-worker who believes that Non-Fat Milk is Soy milk, and her "favorite". She believes that Orange Mango Naked Juices come in the Green, Super C packaging for the heck of it, and practically is the definition of a Joan Clever housewife who thought getting a job was "Fun".

She is the bane of every other co-worker's existence.

You've been Wiffed is a common statement.

The stench of the Wiff is left behind by a trail of dead.
"Would you like a desert?"
"I've never had soy before (looking at Non-fat and tries it), Yum! That's my Favorite!"

"Who wrote that cup? What IS it?!"
- I don't know. The WIFF wrote it.


by I smell Wiff. January 26, 2009
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To just barely miss the intended goal. To make a mistake, but being very close to actually achieving the intended objective.
I wiffed the shot - it hit the post of the goal.

I wiffed question three on the exam. I forgot to carry the one in the math.

The sniper just wiffed the tin can with his bullet.
by Mr.Timber June 12, 2012
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Someone you call upon (usually a friend) to check for odors when you are unsure.
Hey bro i need a wiffness, is my breath good?
by liftedresearch August 30, 2011
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1-American Ghetto version of the word "With"
2- Illiterate way to say the word "with"
I was bein so in luv dat I jus wanted to be wiff her yo
by Bob Houston November 15, 2005
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Sorry, I'm rather wiff right now. I haven't showered in a week.
by hedonics December 6, 2009
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1. Jemanden begleiten
2. An einer Sache teilnehmen
eng. "with"
"Wer ist heute Abend wiff?"

"Wo bist du, was machst du, gehn wir raus?"

Adrian: Wer kommt mit aufs Boot?
Dennis: Wär ich wiff
by CirusTheVirus July 27, 2016
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An acronym for "What In The Flying Fuck"
Daughter: Mom, Dad, I'm pregnant.

Parents: WIFF
by OnlyHurtsWhenILaugh June 27, 2013
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